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Runtime: 15:55


RKUAE 79 - 3 timer siden
Logan Paul did a video about your song
vexull - 3 timer siden
howtobeneymar - 4 timer siden
i got tricked
Type 4 Diabetes
Type 4 Diabetes - 6 timer siden
Someone needs to put his face on that ripped black guy meme
P3dr0_Th3_SweaT - 6 timer siden
Okay why tf does it say “1080p 50fps”???
R43H1D1 - 7 timer siden
Make a beat with shouting and make the thumb nail with a hench bearus
R43H1D1 - 7 timer siden
Sub to renegalx please everybody
Wyatt Langenfeld
Wyatt Langenfeld - 7 timer siden
I’ve watched this 50 times because of the red alert remix part
Mad Hatter James
Mad Hatter James - 7 timer siden
low key wanna here that red alert remix fully
Fredy Vergara Show
Fredy Vergara Show - 8 timer siden
hahah love it T CHALLA!!!😤
Mexico Dimension
Mexico Dimension - 9 timer siden
How could that guy made the black panther deep fake?
Memerz KFC
Memerz KFC - 10 timer siden
so whos gonna deep fake him in a porno
phsycho Certified
phsycho Certified - 10 timer siden
JJ OLATUNJI nearly hitting to million Delhi: Am I joke to you
Shredded Kev
Shredded Kev - 10 timer siden
PhantomAnimeReaper - 10 timer siden
JJ u and jake Paul should fight on August 25th again cuz that’s my butthday
Rufaro Kembo
Rufaro Kembo - 13 timer siden
"You're such "
Me saying hie to Jesus😂😂😂😂
Rufaro Kembo
Rufaro Kembo - 13 timer siden
"For Fucks Sake"
Moses taking me to the other side😂😂😂😂
Rufaro Kembo
Rufaro Kembo - 13 timer siden
@13:30 "Allow it fam"
me rolling in my grave😂😂😂😂
Aziz Gamer
Aziz Gamer - 13 timer siden
Old JJ is back 😌
Awwal Oladeji
Awwal Oladeji - 13 timer siden
Ksi text tyga get the hairline transplant
Sunflower 18
Sunflower 18 - 14 timer siden
The evil laugh after he threw the bear SENT ME HAHAHAA
Kaka Peng
Kaka Peng - 15 timer siden
Let Deji be the other guy in black panther
luke the Canadian
luke the Canadian - 16 timer siden
The weirdest 2 hours of my life well spent. Thank for listening lad. I enjoyed your reactions.
ibrahim 45
ibrahim 45 - 16 timer siden
Is it me or is Ksi high?
AP Customs
AP Customs - 16 timer siden
JJ ACTIVATE WINDOWS. like to make him do it
SwMr - 17 timer siden
10:29 and do you think that will stop people from subscribing?
ahmed abdi
ahmed abdi - 17 timer siden
if jj had hairline
LavaMaster - 17 timer siden
8:28 I have a feeling his thinking about porn...
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 16 timer siden
Activate that widnows pls
Dokurscaeditz - 17 timer siden
OOOOOOH NOOO, I said something stupid.... the ability to edit: am I a joke to you?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 16 timer siden
this guy is definately my fav youtuber
KISS crüe
KISS crüe - 17 timer siden
Who else agrees that if or when ksi does red alert live he should do the remixed version
KISS crüe
KISS crüe - 17 timer siden
Honestly i like the original red alert but love the remix that thing is madness i just think withthe synt and the slight phazer over his voice just makes it hit harder that shit it just mad
g mahama
g mahama - 18 timer siden
he first dug the hole....

and then buried himself alive
JCR Games
JCR Games - 18 timer siden
Don’t worry jj we won’t deepfake u into porn
Kobinator1 - 19 timer siden
9:42 that’s how he shall lose his hair
Diego CM
Diego CM - 19 timer siden
porn deepfake lol
Silenttuber PJ24
Silenttuber PJ24 - 20 timer siden
JJ: what if jj olatunji ovetook KSI?
Everyone unsubscribes from KSI
Henri Butler
Henri Butler - 20 timer siden
WTF was that intro
Akhilesh Nelson
Akhilesh Nelson - 20 timer siden
Tgho tgho tghohagenn
Mana Yusuf
Mana Yusuf - 22 timer siden
Fearlicia - 22 timer siden
Warning: KSI may scream his head off
Bradley HAllisey
Bradley HAllisey - 23 timer siden
Ñįńjō 3000
Ñįńjō 3000 - Dag siden
They should put jj’s face on ki adi Mundi
WhAt AbOuT tHe DrOiD aTtAcK oN tHe WoOkIeS
Z9ATY - Dag siden
this guy is definately my fav youtuber
Muhma Tala
Muhma Tala - Dag siden
Activate that widnows pls
Haadiya Usman
Haadiya Usman - Dag siden
Johan also remixed Simons diss, but JJ didn’t react
10K Subscribers Before The Quarantine Ends
Messege to all those JJ Olatunji Fans: You’re cool awesome and unique! have a wonderful day!
Param - Dag siden
He really could have cut out the "deep fake me" part...He wants us to do it lol
Léo Franck
Léo Franck - Dag siden
2019: #stopvikkabuse
2020: #stopbearusabuse
Tony Gray
Tony Gray - Dag siden
Yo that 🐻 was funny
stoon 5
stoon 5 - Dag siden
Where can I find the song in 2:27??
Nigel Curtis
Nigel Curtis - Dag siden
When it's 3.59 it's fucking pitch black but when it turns 4.00 am a minute later all those fucking birds start tweeting like WTF
Rj Helm
Rj Helm - Dag siden
That deep fake was stupid good
Michael Morales
Michael Morales - Dag siden
What was the vid for the guy, that called Jj Clapped? I just want to know the video.
Adam Rutter
Adam Rutter - Dag siden
JJ goes a cinema....... hears a song........ ruins the film by shouting daaaammmmmmn daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnnnn jeeeeeeeez jeeeez explosions
harley walker
harley walker - Dag siden
That red alert remix thoe🔥
Aaron Singh
Aaron Singh - Dag siden
Ian’t this a re upload?
MrSando11 - Dag siden
Bearus would put up more of a fight than Joe Weller at least
Death ツ Fighter
Death ツ Fighter - Dag siden
13:29 👌 We now you too well
Sherek is god Ye
Sherek is god Ye - Dag siden
As let’s all unsubscribe from KSI and get lgbt more subs😎
soinu foig
soinu foig - Dag siden
And also killmonger as deji or Logan Paul or jake Paul
Madden Fanatic
Madden Fanatic - Dag siden
How about once you hit 10 million subs you shave it off
soinu foig
soinu foig - Dag siden
Ksi gets to 10m Ksi: time for a new channel
KIINGGDOME - Dag siden
Deep fake PORNO
bashar hajbi
bashar hajbi - Dag siden
look at the end of 4:30 Look at his laugh that made me die from laughter
Daniel Rosberg
Daniel Rosberg - Dag siden
Ksi as black panter... Was actually goood...what!!?
The Boom
The Boom - Dag siden
8:35 does he realise he can edit that out????
Noz Rogers
Noz Rogers - Dag siden
Bearus Getting ready to kill ksi.
Muli is stupid
Muli is stupid - Dag siden
Sophie Dresner
Sophie Dresner - Dag siden
That red alert beat was beautiful
Moe Ga
Moe Ga - Dag siden
Black panther would be 100% better if jj played tachala
Paul Feinmehl
Paul Feinmehl - Dag siden
You should make a full video reacting to all of the deepfakes.
L3GALSPEED - Dag siden
nah fr i love ksi's hair
InfamousSpyrel 13
InfamousSpyrel 13 - Dag siden
6:24 Jj was more focused on the beard then the forehead..... my guy if your forehead looked like that you wouldn't look that ugly.....
D’Alessandro Matute
D’Alessandro Matute - Dag siden
When Bearus says that his is getting abused we actually see bearus getting abused
dat boi
dat boi - Dag siden
KSI looking like trippie redd
archie ggvzdgcdhj
archie ggvzdgcdhj - Dag siden
Ksi gets to 10m
Ksi: time for a new channel
Roblox gamer guy!
Roblox gamer guy! - Dag siden
And also killmonger as deji or Logan Paul or jake Paul
Ivo Gorgev
Ivo Gorgev - Dag siden
Its like jj cant edit out the part where he talks about people deep fake him
AeroAdventures - Dag siden
JJ, i have been watching all the way from the sidemen old house on my personal account, your reaction to these memes are the best, hope u keep ur hair(i think its pretty fire) Also, you should try looking into plane/aviation ones if you want to learn a bit and also have a laugh. r/aviationmemes is pretty good, we made a vid on it, hope u like, share, and sub (ofc if u want to)
banana raid
banana raid - Dag siden
My friend was the person who made the beat and he told me to put the beat into Tik Tok. We’re just asking for your approval
Pasi - Dag siden
JJ should upload this Red Alert remix to his channel
Dinglebell Looseass
Dinglebell Looseass - Dag siden
Doesn’t even know how to put on a durag