Reacting To Jake Paul's New Song...

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Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - 13 minutter siden
Nah he just can’t admit that it’s fire and not just alright cuz of hate like tf
CARLOS ARIEL LAJE-BUSTILLO - 15 minutter siden
I liked videos for the song
Kumg0d _
Kumg0d _ - 22 minutter siden
Ngl i dont like jake but the songs actually not bad
sylvia Madajewski
sylvia Madajewski - 49 minutter siden
id looked it up and jake paul wrot it
JRose - 55 minutter siden
Sound like something ddg will make
JRose - 56 minutter siden
He to white to make something like this
ASN - Time siden
Ksi please activate windows
Sergio Dominguez
Sergio Dominguez - 2 timer siden
i liked when you tubers didn’t wear chains and stuff
Kashif Reza
Kashif Reza - 2 timer siden
Designer wrote this
His ghost writer
ItzJamie - 3 timer siden
Why is this almost got the same amount of views as Jake ... oh wait he is irreverent
Akhi Tahera
Akhi Tahera - 3 timer siden
KSI on a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate Jake and Logan paul
LeapYamenLoL - 4 timer siden
DEJI: Beats JJ in subs
JJ: Alright lets check your monthly listeners
Caleb Gannon
Caleb Gannon - 4 timer siden
Fbi: Fresh Outta Jakes House
Behram Playz
Behram Playz - 4 timer siden
The 12k dislikes is jake on different acounts
Ak sowavvey_.
Ak sowavvey_. - 4 timer siden
its just not tho 😳😳
Camilo Calzada
Camilo Calzada - 4 timer siden
Kasimir is a german rapper and jake paul is just rapping on his beat chek his song out the name of the song is "kk"
Sophie Boon
Sophie Boon - 4 timer siden
When I listen to JJ’s music I don’t think of him as a YouTube but I think of him as an artist, but Jake Paul nah
Kub 24_01
Kub 24_01 - 4 timer siden
Let’s check your monthly listeners mate
Worldwide gamer720 720
Worldwide gamer720 720 - 4 timer siden
Bruh a nigga can’t make one good song outta the 100 he has
Shunn Gillies
Shunn Gillies - 4 timer siden
Jake's house actually got raided by the FBI. Hahaha
Jannine Aguero
Jannine Aguero - 5 timer siden
jake pual better atlears he can eford a house
Jannine Aguero
Jannine Aguero - 5 timer siden
jake pauls better
Jannine Aguero
Jannine Aguero - 5 timer siden
jake pauls better
Jannine Aguero
Jannine Aguero - 5 timer siden
jake pauls better
Jannine Aguero
Jannine Aguero - 5 timer siden
shut up nerd
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 5 timer siden
The intro is stolen from a German artist doe😂 ( kasimir1441 - kk )
Elbrian2003 - 5 timer siden
Please react to Jake getting raided
AUSSIE RED - 5 timer siden
Thank god I watched this Jake really tried to manipulate me that your bad
Victor Franco
Victor Franco - 5 timer siden
ksi* fights twice*
thinks hes a pro now
Stu Cr
Stu Cr - 5 timer siden
Can’t stand this ksi dude ugh makes me 🤢
Gaming Twins roblox king
Gaming Twins roblox king - 5 timer siden
NO way
Eclipzsythe - 6 timer siden
3:05 who agrees
Greed OW
Greed OW - 6 timer siden
Who’s the girl that dm’ed jj she kinda bad 👀
Agastya Zaveri
Agastya Zaveri - 7 timer siden
This dudes laugh
Critical Hit
Critical Hit - 7 timer siden
Ghost riders
Talha Assad
Talha Assad - 7 timer siden
i don't get it he showed people playing instruments which were not even in the music itself, like the violin. i mean like where the f cn u hear a
jordan shoes
jordan shoes - 7 timer siden
This dude has just started boxing an is trying to rate people that geeks I can call out all your imperfections if you want from your fight
Yousef Ibrahim
Yousef Ibrahim - 7 timer siden
No way jake wrote that!!!
R 10
R 10 - 7 timer siden
I hate jake, but this song is litttttt
James Lara
James Lara - 7 timer siden
I love how KSI is honest and mature and one the first things Jake wrote is he has a small peen
Zoopie - 7 timer siden
Can we take a moment to recognize that he hasn’t yet activated windows on his computer?
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez - 7 timer siden
Bro jakes so g was fire and I looked up the writers and it just shows a jake Paul and ksi could’ve gotten the screenshot photo shopped lmao
9292 Mandar Ajinthekar
9292 Mandar Ajinthekar - 8 timer siden
He wrote it with a fake friends
9292 Mandar Ajinthekar
9292 Mandar Ajinthekar - 8 timer siden
JJ gets full marks for honesty this is the first jake paul songs and i was like why ksi makes fun of him
Incognito - 8 timer siden
Not my kind of music, no matter of someone else would’ve made this song it would still make me want to rip my ears off.
Steven Syphus
Steven Syphus - 8 timer siden
It's cool these guys can she each other and not leave it in the ring
BigBoi123 - 9 timer siden
the song sounds like running man by d block Europe
OG Hollow
OG Hollow - 9 timer siden
Aye gang subscribe to the family and watch some banger videos🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
doliio volay
doliio volay - 9 timer siden
“Reacting to Jake Paul Cringe on the KSI channel”
Candidin LT
Candidin LT - 9 timer siden
Me: Mexican watching Jj react to Jake's song
*Mariachi band starts Playing*
Also me: Why is there a Mariachi in a song called Freah outta London?
Help Me Reach 1000 Subscribers With No Videos
It takes a lot of courage for JJ to actually accept that Jake Paul's song was a banger 😂
Bass Therapy
Bass Therapy - 10 timer siden
Can you please activate windows
Sean Lost
Sean Lost - 10 timer siden
Why is no one talking about how this man got all this money but ain’t even bought a windows key yet. Check the watermark lmao.
doliio volay
doliio volay - 9 timer siden
legend says desiigner stopped music to ghost write for jake paul and he makes more money that way than to make music himself
Hearts FC
Hearts FC - 11 timer siden
Ksi make a song it's the best to this rime
Bill Is cool
Bill Is cool - 11 timer siden
KSI actually rates it, Jake just shits on all his songs even though his lyrics make no sense. Hope Jakes ass gets kicked when they fight
Gamer donut
Gamer donut - 11 timer siden
Jake said he will fight ksi okay Does jake realize theres a pandemic
Orange the Leo
Orange the Leo - 11 timer siden
Is that erika in the back
Fungus Yt
Fungus Yt - 12 timer siden
Ikkkk this shit goes harddd
PewDiePie Jakatakasaurus
PewDiePie Jakatakasaurus - 12 timer siden
“Reacting to Jake Paul Cringe on the KSI channel”
muselk man
muselk man - 12 timer siden
When the song was about to start but an ad pops up